Dec. 8, 2020

FPF Announces Fixture Dates for 2021

FPF Announces Fixture Dates for 2021

A day after finding out who they will face on their "Road to Qatar", the Seleção now know when they will take on their Group A opponents in their quest to qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The Federation of Portuguese Football (FPF) announced today (December 8) that the reigning and defending "Kings of Europe" will open up group play in March 2021 with three matches:

  • March 24: Azerbaijan (Home)
  • March 27: Serbia (Away)
  • March 30: Luxembourg (Away)

Qualifying will resume again in September with two Group A matches:

  • September 1: Republic of Ireland (Home)
  • September 7: Azerbaijan (Away) 

In October, Portugal will have only one World Cup qualifying match:

  • October 12: Luxembourg (Home)

And in November, the Seleção will close out Group A with two matches:

  • November 11: Republic of Ireland (Away)
  • November 14: Serbia (Home)

The FPF also announced that Portugal and Qatar will play two friendlies (September 4th and October 9th) as part of the 2022 FIFA World Cup host's preparation for the tournament. 

As it stands now, the Seleção have 13 matches scheduled in 2021:

March 24Azerbaijan2022 WCQ - Group APortugal
March 27Serbia2022 WCQ - Group ASerbia
March 30Luxembourg2022 WCQ - Group ALuxembourg
June 15HungaryEURO 2020 - Group FBudapest, Hungary
June 19GermanyEURO 2020 - Group FMunich, Germany
June 23FranceEURO 2020 - Group FBudapest, Hungary
September 1Ireland2022 WCQ - Group APortugal
September 4QatarInternational FriendlyTBA
September 7Azerbaijan2022 WCQ - Group A Azerbaijan
October 9QatarInternational FriendlyTBA
October 12Luxembourg2022 WCQ - Group APortugal
November 11Ireland2022 WCQ - Group AIreland
November 14Serbia2022 WCQ - Group APortugal

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