July 2, 2020

Special Edition: Taylor Amarante

Special Edition: Taylor Amarante
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On this special edition of the pod, host Danny Pinto is joined by Portuguese-American stand-up comedian and entrepreneur, Taylor Amarante.  Taylor also serves as the in-game host for the San Jose Earthquakes.  Taylor is on to promote his fundraiser to assist Portuguese senior citizens of San Jose/Santa Clara, as well as provide an update on his next project: Quakes Exclusive.  Taylor also recounts the relationships and connections he made with Benfica that helped bring #SLB to Levi's Stadium as part of the ICC tournament last summer. Link for the "No Festa For Me, No Festa For You" t-shirts: https://shelteremcasa.bigcartel.com/ (20% of proceeds goes to support P.O.S.S.O.) www.selecaopod.com Facebook.com/SelecaoPod @SelecaoPod (Twitter/Instagram) selecaopod@gmail.com