March 19, 2022

Special Edition: 2022 IPMA Nominee - Magïn

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On this special edition of the podcast, host Danny Pinto is joined by Brian Nunes Magina (AKA - Magïn), a 2022 International Portuguese Music Award nominee in the Rap/Hip-Hop category for his song "Cala Boca".

Danny and Magïn discuss how Brian discovered his love for music, how his culture and upbringing molded his artistry, his all-time list of artists to collaborate with, and his love of sports.

You can vote for Magïn and "Cala Boca" until March 20, 2022 at 10p EDT / 7p PDT at the following link:

Follow Magïn on Instagram: @b.magin

Youtube (Magïn):

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Trilingual Rap/Hip Hop Artist

Trilingual Rap/Hip Hop Artist