My name is Danny Pinto and as a first-generation Portuguese-American, the love and passion I have for my Portuguese heritage and our beloved Seleção runs deep.

"The Seleção Podcast" is my passion project; to connect with as many English-speaking "Tugas" from around the globe and sharing our love, passion, and opinions about the Seleção.


My goal is to bring you the best possible coverage of the Seleção by giving you my opinions and sharing yours, and conducting interviews with those I follow in the media, as well as my very close friends. 

I am based out of Northern California in the United States and began this project in May 2018.  I am beyond humbled that we have a following in many countries around the world, such as Portugal, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, South Africa, Japan, India, and Dubai. 

I greatly appreciate you checking out SelecaoPod.com, and as always...


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