March 27, 2023

#78: Perfect Start for the New Boss

#78: Perfect Start for the New Boss
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On Episode 78, host Danny Pinto is joined by Matthew Marshall of, as Matthew was in attendance for both of Roberto Martínez's first two matches as Portugal manager: 2 decisive wins against Liechtenstein and Luxembourg to begin Portugal's EURO 2024 qualifying campaign, as well as Martínez's tenure as manager of the Seleção. Danny and Matthew discuss what can be learned, if anything, about Portugal in these first two matches under Martínez, Bruno Fernandes' new deeper role in the midfield, João Félix's growing confidence and skill on display in a Portugal jersey, how to best use Rafael Leã much more. https://www.selecaopod.com Music for the podcast provided by Uzohms: Follow Matthew Marshall on Twitter: Matthew's Recap of Portugal's 4-0 win against Liechtenstein: Matthew's Recap of Portugal's 6-0 win against Luxembourg: