March 30, 2022

#59: Relief and Redemption

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World Cup Bound!!!  On Episode 59, host Danny Pinto is joined by Marc Lewis (@MarcLewisEU), a football commentator for ESPN, as they reviewed Portugal's 2-0 victory over North Macedonia that clinched the Seleção's place in Qatar.  Danny and Marc also discussed:

  • Could this be remembered as the "Bruno Fernandes Game" and how it be a turning point in his Portugal career
  • How Portugal have proven that they are more than simply Cristiano Ronaldo
  • The influence of Pepe

Marc also gives his thoughts on if Fernando Santos should continue on as Portugal manager (his answer may surprise many!!!), and tells us how he made his journey from Madeira to South Africa before calling Eindhoven home.
Music for the podcast provided by Uzohms

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Marc Lewis

ESPN Football/Soccer Commentator

ESPN Football/Soccer Commentator