July 12, 2018

#10: Tom Kundert of PortuGOAL.net

#10: Tom Kundert of PortuGOAL.net

Host Danny Pinto is joined by the godfather of English-language coverage of the Seleção, Tom Kundert from PortuGOAL.net. Danny and Tom discuss the impact of Cristiano Ronaldo's move to Juventus and the Seleção's performance in World Cup 2018. They also discuss how Tom started PortuGOAL.net 15 years ago and promote his latest book "The Thirteenth Chapter" about the history of the Seleção. www.selecaopod.com Facebook.com/SelecaoPod @SelecaoPod (Twitter/Instagram) selecaopod@gmail.com

Tom Kundert Profile Photo

Tom Kundert

Founder, PortuGOAL.net

Founder of PortuGOAL.net